Providing peace of mind while you're away.



SafeGuard Home Watch was founded in 2016 by Bruce Wilson, a longtime resident of Lake County. After graduating from Mentor High School and The Ohio State University, Bruce’s Engineering and Operations Management career included working for Diamond Shamrock, Ricerca, Avery Dennison and Schneller. SafeGuard Home Watch was formed as a complementary business to Senior SafeGuard, founded to provide home and property maintenance services to Seniors who desire to "Age In Place" in their own homes as long as feasible and safe. Both businesses help protect a family home through proper care and maintenance of the property, looking for small problems in their infancy, and helping prevent them from becoming large problems with costly repairs. An individual's home is one of their most valuable assets and it pays to protect that asset throughout the ownership period.


Bruce has many references for his honesty and integrity. He can be trusted to complete the tasks and services you have contracted for as well as going above and beyond to make sure communications with you remain timely, complete and easy to understand. SafeGuard Home Watch is bonded, insured, and fully accredited by the National Home Watch Association.


Many people in Northeast Ohio rely on a neighbor or family member to keep an eye on their home while away for extended periods. Neighbors may check on your home if you ask, however this often results in the following:

  • They feel compelled to say “yes” simply because you are family or a neighbor asking them for a favor and they may need to ask you for a similar favor down the road.
  • They may or may not be truly qualified to spot problems in their infancy. Do they really know how your HVAC system or alarm system are supposed to function?
  • If a problem arises due to their lack of knowledge or lack of diligence, is it worth it to compromise your long term relationship with this individual due to an unfortunate circumstance?
  • Are they properly insured in case something happens to your home while they are checking on it?
  • How do you fairly compensate them for their time and will they say something if they don't feel the compensation is fair, or will they simply be less diligent in their inspections?
  • Do you really feel comfortable giving them full access to your home and property versus putting that trust in an independent, bonded and insured professional home watch service who's job it is to care for your property and protect your privacy?

If there is a specific service you are looking for or you have other questions,
please contact us at (440) 463-4955.